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CompRX was established in 2000, by Professionals in the Workers' Compensation Claims and Managed Care Industry. The CompRX specialists can assist you in developing a Prescription Card Program that works for you, your staff members, clients and claimants and still be in control of the process and the savings. We go beyond just processing prescriptions; we proactively monitor and manage your program to achieve the compliance necessary in Workers' Compensation while providing a menu of services for your consideration.   

CompRX automatically reduces the cost of drugs as much as 55% below State Workers' Compensation Fee Schedules.  Drug Utilization Review (DUR) provides an additional 30% average savings as it instantly notifies and denies the pharmacies out-of-compliance drug fills. We increase claimant network penetration to 80% versus an industry standard that approaches 50%, while maintaining DUR, formulary and designated prescriber integrity using rigorous Prior Authorization protocols.  

Let us help you decide how to best allocate your drug spend among a variety of complex issues.  Formulary design and flexibility, designated Prescribers, brand to generic switching control, days supply and quantity control, instant card activation and our CAPTURE program are among the top management tools selected to reduce Rx costs by our clients.

We supply the data, and help you make sense of it through custom designed reporting that you manipulate as necessary. All data can be downloaded to an Excel file or printed. Keep track of the latest claimant information and interactive Rx History and produce reports for third parties. Our secure on-line Client Center provides dual reporting for Adjuster and Administrator Clients. Administrators have the capability to drill down to claim levels; you can review opioid and pertinent drug history, prescribing patterns, analyze savings and formulate specific financial and medical case management strategies.

CompRX National Workers' Compensation Prescription Program
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